New Ad Will Highlight Mace’s Oil and Gas Industry Campaign Contributions and Opposition to Anti-Drilling Legislation

Philadelphia — Today, 314 Action Fund announced a broadcast media buy to shed light on the offshore oil drilling record of Nancy Mace, candidate for South Carolina’s first congressional district. 

The six-figure buy, which begins on Tuesday, August 11th, will run through September 3rd. The ad, “Threat,” will aim to inform voters in SC-01 about Nancy Mace’s murky record on offshore oil drilling and urge voters to consider how her actions line up with her self-contradicting statements on the issue. 


Despite her attempts to muddy the waters around her stance on offshore oil drilling, Nancy Mace opposes Joe Cunningham’s bipartisan bill to ban oil drilling off South Carolina’s shores. Instead, Mace introduced a toothless resolution in the statehouse that has been stalled for over one year. Recently, Mace received the endorsement of FreedomWorks for America, who has formally endorsed offshore oil drilling and worked with BP to drum up grassroots support for drilling.

Mace has also fundraised with Vice President Mike Pence, whose oil ties and support for offshore oil drilling earned millions of dollars in contributions to Trump’s inauguration. Mace herself has received tens of thousands of dollars in oil and gas industry campaign contributions, and she has admitted to “[cashing] every check that comes to the campaign.”

“Nancy Mace has tried countless times to distract from her weak stance on offshore drilling and eagerness to take huge campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry,” said John Sweeney, spokesperson for 314 Action Fund. “Mace’s candidacy poses great dangers to the shores of South Carolina and the state’s tourism industry. The people of South Carolina’s first congressional district deserve a congressperson who is honest and forthcoming about their priorities.”


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