AK Senate

Alan Gross

Orthopedic Surgeon

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Dr. Al Gross is a commercial fisherman and orthopedic surgeon. As a doctor, Al has seen firsthand how broken our country’s health care system is and will fight in Congress to expand access to quality, affordable care. Al’s Republican opponent was elected in 2014 by just 2.2 points — and now, Dr. Gross is putting Alaska’s Senate seat on the map again in 2020. Republican Senator Dan Sullivan, who has spent his first term in Washington voting with Mitch McConnell 97 percent of the time. Winning Alaska means winning the Senate. Chip in $10 now to help us flip this critical seat and the Senate.

As a life-long Alaskan with a background in science, Al understands the threat of climate change and the actions we must take to protect our land and water. Al was raised in Juneau and has practiced medicine in Alaska throughout his career. He has been involved in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska since the age of 14. Help us send an experienced physician to Washington by making a $10 donation now.