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Jon Ossoff

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Jon Ossoff is an investigative journalist and media executive who exposed corruption and organized crime across the globe. His wife, Alisha, is an OB/GYN physician who has served on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jon has identified action on the climate crisis as one of his biggest priorities and has outlined policies he would support and enact if elected to the Senate, including historic investments in clean energy infrastructure, the restoration of environmental safeguards removed by the Trump administration, and a rapid transition toward renewable energy sources.

His opponent, David Perdue, is one of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters in the Senate. Perdue downplayed the severity of the pandemic and was later involved in an insider trading scandal related to the classified briefings he received in January on the dangers posed by the pandemic. Additionally, Perdue is a proud climate denier and has spent his career obstructing action.

Polling shows Jon Ossoff is tied with David Perdue with control of the Senate at stake: Donate to push Jon into the lead so we can elect a Climate Majority in the Senate!