Kermit Jones

Primary Care Physician


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Doctor and Navy veteran Dr. Kermit Jones is running to fill the OPEN seat left by Republican Tom McClintock, who switched to running in a less competitive GOP seat, in California’s 3rd Congressional District.

A doctor, Navy veteran, and attorney, Dr. Kermit Jones learned the values of hard work, responsibility and community while growing up and working on the family farm.

As he helped his dad tend the farm, he watched his mother work as a home health nurse, never wavering from her commitment to take care of the people in her community. It was there that Kermit knew he wanted to become a doctor.

Kermit was attending law and medical school at Duke University when our country was attacked on 9/11. Soon after, Kermit joined the Navy and deployed alongside Marines. After returning from Iraq, Kermit used the GI Bill to study public policy at Columbia University and was selected as a White House fellow in the Obama administration. Afterwards he worked as a regulatory and patent attorney at a Washington, D.C. law firm, ensuring that new prescription drugs were safe and effective. He settled in Northern California with his wife and family and began working as a primary care physician.

With your help, we can send a first-time candidate with a lifetime of service to Congress and replace one of the most anti-science members in all of Congress.