Shrina Kurani

Mechanical Engineer


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Shrina Kurani is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, and fact-based problem solver, not a politician.  She has focused her career on creating sustainable solutions that reduce waste and build career opportunities.  

Born and raised in Riverside, Shrina is a first-generation American whose parents came to the United States from India seeking opportunity.  She learned the values of hard work, hustle, and resourcefulness from her parents while they worked seven days a week to grow their pool supply business from one location to over 13 locations throughout the Inland Empire.

Shrina has worked to start companies aimed at reducing waste and creating sustainable solutions for food and water, and she has served as an advisor to startup businesses that are developing ways to make healthcare and education more affordable, accessible, equitable, and effective. Most recently, Shrina has been building a financial technology company to increase funding and investment opportunities. 

Now, Shrina is running for Congress to be the first Indian-American Representative from Southern California. California’s 41st Congressional District is ready for change following redistricting. Sitting Republican Representative Ken Calvert is out of step with much of his new district, which is now just Trump +1.