Wes Moore & Aruna Miller

Civil Engineer

Wes Moore and Aruna Miller are together running on a ticket to be the next Governor and Lt. Governor of Maryland. This race represents the BEST red-to-blue Governor’s race in America and at a time when voting rights, abortion rights, action on gun violence, and climate action is at stake, Maryland families will benefit from their leadership.

Aruna Miller served as a civil engineer for the Department of Transportation in Montgomery County as well as a legislator representing District 15 in the Maryland House of Delegates. There, she helped craft legislation to invest in STEM education, boost small businesses and help working families. 

The ticket of Wes Moore and Aruna Miller has committed to a pro-science platform, backing evidence-based solutions to put Maryland on track as a national and global leader on climate change with investments in clean energy and emissions reductions standards, vowing to stand up for reproductive rights at the state level if Roe v. Wade is overturned, advocating for affordable health care for all Marylanders and continued investments in hospitals, medical research institutions and health care facilities.