Philadelphia — As the public and scientific community focus their attention on the response to COVID-19, the Trump administration is continuing its assault on science by proposing to expand restrictions on scientific research at the Environmental Protection Agency and seeking to bury what it sees as unfavorable data on climate change and air pollution.

According to the agency, studies that do not publicly disclose all source data – including, in some cases, private medical information – will not be given preference. This would make it more difficult for information regarding the dangers of pollution and the consequences of climate change to reach the American people and policymakers. The new rules would also let restrictions be applied retroactively, undermining crucial studies and protections relied on by people across the United States.

“It’s disgraceful that the Trump administration is to try to sneak by anti-science policy that threatens public health while the nation is in the midst of a public health emergency,” said Brooke Bainum, Communications Director of 314 Action. “Our leaders should stand by scientists, not silence them. It is yet another reminder that we need to elect STEM candidates who will use facts and evidence in policy- making and hold the White House accountable.”