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We are the only organization in the nation focused on recruiting, training, and electing Democrats with a background in science to public office.

There isn’t an issue that doesn’t benefit from having scientists at the decision-making table – from climate change to reproductive healthcare, scientists are data-driven who will champion fact-based policies.

With a grassroots network made up of millions of engaged supporters in every part of the country, 314 Action has established itself as a trusted partner to candidates and Democratic organizations alike, connecting and working with allied organizations, PACs, and members of Congress. 

314 Action has worked to elect hundreds of candidates around the country and has reached millions of swing voters on their behalf with our data-driven messaging campaigns, becoming one of the most impactful organizations in progressive politics. Our candidates led the charge to flip the House in 2018, the Senate in 2021, and multiple state legislatures in 2022. 

In many cases, 314 Action is the first organization to stand with their campaigns. We go beyond just endorsing candidates in competitive races – we are focused on helping them build an effective strategy and build the infrastructure needed to communicate with swing voters from Day 1. 

In the U.S. House of Representatives, we’ve helped Democrats notch critical victories three cycles in a row. We worked to elect history-making candidates like Rep. Kim Schrier (WA-08), the first pediatrician to serve in Congress, and Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL-14), the youngest Black woman to serve in the U.S. House. 314 Action then built on that success in 2020 and again in 2022, working closely with Rep. Eric Sorensen (IL-17) and Rep. Yadira Caraveo (CO-08) to score upset wins in districts many experts predicted the GOP would carry.

314 Action has also played a crucial role in toss-up U.S. Senate and governor races where the margin of victory was razor-thin. We invested millions to help scientists like Sen. Mark Kelly (AZ), Sen. John Hickenlooper (CO), Sen. Jacky Rosen (NV), and Gov. Tony Evers (WI) over the finish line in states that will be pivotal in the 2024 presidential election (visit “Our Impact” page for more details on 314’s work in each of these key races). 

Recent polling confirms that scientific and medical professionals have some of the highest approval ratings and levels of trust among voters. We have seen time and again that science candidates are better positioned to win tough races and can cut through the partisan divide if they have the resources to run a strong campaign operation. Last cycle, our candidates notched wins at a rate of nearly 70%, including in consequential local offices around the country. Three quarters of these winning candidates — 194 elected leaders — were women, people of color, or identified as LGBTQ+. 

This cycle, we’re focused on defending Democrats’ narrow Senate majority, retaking the House majority, and electing a historic wave of Democrats to state legislatures and local office (click here to learn more about our endorsed candidates running in must-win 2023 and 2024 races). 

In addition to supporting those on the ballot already, we also have plans to help recruit several hundreds of Democratic science candidates to run in consequential state and municipal races this cycle.


We start by identifying leaders with science backgrounds who would make strong candidates and be champions for pro-science policies in elected office. We then recruit these candidates – from local races to the U.S. Senate – to run for office and then provide game-changing support. 

Throughout the course of the campaign, we provide training, strategic help, and direct support to candidates and staff — and through our growing pro-science network, we organize the science community to support these candidates with the resources they need to be competitive.

We recognize that electoral politics is part qualitative and part quantitative. With this in mind, our team bases financial support and endorsement of our candidates on the strength of the candidate, campaign operation, and message, as well as the incumbent’s profile and projected trends in the district.

Bottom line: when candidates run on their science credentials and have the backing to get their message out there, they win. We’re fighting to elect scientists who can tackle urgent shared challenges – like the climate crisis, reproductive rights, and healthcare access –  and secure a better future for us all. 

  • Voters are more favorable to candidates with a background in science over other professions.
  • Voters believe candidates with a background in science are independent, trained problem-solvers, and honest.

October 2019 GSG Survey of 1321 voters in battleground states

314 Action is committed to transparency: although not required by law, we voluntarily disclose all our donors over $250 in a two year election cycle. Click here to view our donors.

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