Endorsed Candidates

State Legislative & Municipal

Since 2016, 314 Action has elected nearly 300 candidates to state legislatures and local seats around the country. These 314 Action leaders are directly driving science-based decisions for their communities — securing local progress on critical issues from climate action to healthcare access and abortion rights.

In 2024, we need to do it again, because the stakes on these issues are just getting higher. As we saw throughout the pandemic and in the time since Roe was overturned, local leadership can have an outsized impact on our communities’ health, safety, and wellbeing. Meet the 314 Action-endorsed scientists running in must-win down-ballot races across the country, including those that could determine which party controls their state legislature.


Richard Corles, AZ-LD-3, (Mathematics Degree)

Ravi Shah, AZ-School Board-Tucson Unified School District, (Physician)


Darshana Patel, CA-AD-76, (Biophysicist)

Amber Manfree, CA-County Commission / Board-Napa County Supervisor District 4, (Geographer)

Jennifer Esteen, CA-County Commission / Board-Alameda County, D4, (Nurse)

Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen, CA-Mayor-Mayor of Garden Grove, (Molecular Biologist)

Michaela Perez, CA-City Council-Oxnard City Council, District 6 , (Public Health Researcher)

Nicole  Mi, CA-Other-LACERA, Board of Investment, (Civil Engineer)


Jeff Livingston, CO-HD-15, (Electrical Engineer)

Lesley Smith, CO-HD-49, (Environmental Scientist)

Kyra deGruy Kennedy, CO-HD-30, (Biology Degree)

Julie Mullica, CO-County Commission / Board-District 1, Adams County Commissioner, (Epidemiologist)

Wendi Strom, CO-Mayor-Lakewood, (Biology Degree)

Chris Hansen, CO-Mayor-Denver, (Engineer)

Justin Martinez, CO-City Council-Ward 1, (Software Engineer)

Tim Pegg, CO-City Council-Westminster City Council, (Electrical Engineer)

Sharon Davis, CO-City Council-Arvada City Council, At-Large, (Chemical Engineering Degree)

Claire Carmelia, CO-City Council-Westminster City Council, At-Large, (Enviornmental Scientist )

Christian Steward, CO-City Council-Denver City Council, District 8, (Biology & Chemistry Degrees)

Chris Hinds, CO-City Council-10, (Computer Scientist)

Charles Gallegos, CO-School Board-Westminster Public Schools, (Optometrist)

Jessica Zamora, CO-School Board-Poudre School Board, (Mechanical Engineering Degree)

Gene Putman, CO-Other-Adams County Fire Protection District, (Civil & Environmental Engineer)


Justin  Elicker, CT-Mayor-New Haven Mayor , (Environmental Science Degree)


Jay Bancroft, DE-City Council-Newark City Council, D3, (Ecologist)


Barbara Sharief, FL-SD-35, (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Vanessa Cullins Hopkins, FL-City Council-10, (OB/GYN)


Linda Robertson, IL-HD-IL 65, (Microbiologist)

Marianne Lalonde, IL-City Council-Alderman Ward 46, (Chemistry Degree)

Sharon Waller, IL-Water Board-Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, (Environmental Engineer)


Jessica McCormick, IN-City Council-16, (Other)

Melanie Brown, IN-City Council-Northwest (4), (Clinical Pharmacist)

Patti Hays, IN-City Council-4th district, (Nurse)


Jeff Pittman, KS-SD-5, (Systems Engineer)

Ace Allen, KS-HD-28, (Medical Doctor)

Ian Graves, KS-Prairie Village Council Wd 6, (Computer Scientist)

Melanie Kraft, MD, MBA, FAAFP, KS-Water Board-Water District #1 of Johnson County Kansas, (Physician)


Shanika Whitehurst, MD-Gaithersburg City Councilmember, (Environmental Scientist)


Cassie Chambers Armstrong, KY-SD-19, (Public Health Degree)


Jeovanny Rodriguez, MA-AD-City of Lawrence, At Large Councilor, (Civil Engineer)

Matt Leming, MA-City Council-Medford, (Neuroscientist)

Jesse Gordon, MA-City Council-Randolph, District 2, (Data Scientist)

Rachel Kay, MA-School Board-Watertown School Committee Member, (Statistician )

Paul Ruseau, MA-School Board-Medford School Committee, (Software Engineer)


Mark Pierzchala, MD-Mayor-Rockville, MD, (Statistician )


Shadia Martini, MI-HD-54, (Architectural Engineer)

Lori Stone, MI-Mayor-Mayor of Warren, (Science Teacher)

Alonzo Wilson, MI-City Council-Kalamazoo City Commissioner, (Industrial & Systems Engineering Degree)

Justin Mendoza, MI-City Council-Parchment City Commission, (Biology Degree)

Theresa Brooks, MI-City Council-Troy City Council, (Physician)

Angela Rogensues, MI-City Council-At Large City Council Member, (Health Science Degree)

Hirak Chanda, MI-City Council-City Council Member, Troy, MI, (Mechanical Engineer)

Marie  Adkins, MI-City Council-Warren City Council At Large, (Nurse)

Matt Heintz, MI-City Council-Novi City Council, (Animal Science Degree)


Kari  Rehrauer, MN-HD-35B, (Science Teacher)

Patrick Hanlon, MN-Mayor-Hopkins Mayor , (Environmental Specialist)

Jenna Carter, MN-City Council-At Large Councilmember, (Public Health Professional)

Chao Moua, MN-City Council-At-Large, (Biology Degree)

Elliott Payne, MN-City Council-Ward 1, (Mechanical Engineer)

Saura Jost, MN-City Council-Ward 3, (Structural Engineer)


Michael Schuckman, MO-City Council-Kansas City Council, District 6, (Geoscientist)


Fabian Nelson, MS-HD-66, (Biology Degree)


David Arends, MT-HD-HD-18, (Physician Assistant)

Damion Lynn, MT-HD-62, (Enviornmental Scientist )

Melody Cunningham, MT-HD-97, (Oncologist)

Casey Schreiner, MT-Mayor-Mayor of Great Falls, (Former Science Teacher)

North Carolina

Lori Bush, NC-City Council-At-Large, (Computer Science Degree)

Victoria Watlington, NC-City Council-At-Large, (Mechanical Engineer)


Bailey Feit, NE-City Council-Lincoln City Council, District 2, (Math Teacher)

New Hampshire

Paige Beauchemin, NH-HD-HD-Hillsborough 3, (Nurse)

Hal Rafter, NH-HD-Rockingham 1, (Computer Programmer)

Matthew Gerding, NH-Mayor-Somersworth Mayor, (STEM Educator)

Alex de Geofroy, NH-City Council-Ward 5, Rochester City Council, (Electrical Engineer)

Bryce Kaw-uh, NH-City Council-Ward 1, (Software Engineer)

Peter Argeropoulos, NH-School Board-Board of School Committeeman At-Large, (Science Teacher)

Amy Manzelli, NH-School Board-Pembroke School Board, (Environmental Science Degree)

New Jersey

Andrew Zwicker, NJ-SD-16, (Physicist)

Margie Donlon, NJ-LD-LD-11, (Physician)

Eleana Little, NJ-County Executive-Hudson County, (Environmental Engineer)

Dan Benson, NJ-County Executive-Mercer County Executive, (Physics Degree)

Joeigh Perella, NJ-County Commission / Board-Cumberland County Commissioner, (Dentist)

New Mexico

Abby Foster, NM-City Council-4, (Chemistry Degree)

Joaquin Baca, NM-City Council-City Council, City of Albuquerque, (Hydrologist )

John Kelly, NM-Water Board-Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, At-Large, (Civil Engineer)

Stephanie Russo Baca, NM-Water Board-Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, At-Large, (Horticultural Sciences Degree)

Lina S Germann, NM-Other-Santa Fe Community College Board, (Chemistry Degree)

New York

Dana Stilley, NY-County Commission / Board-17, (Applied Mathematics Degree)

Amy Connolly, NY-County Commission / Board-District 5, (Conservation Biology Degree)

Patricia Halo, NY-County Commission / Board-Rockland County Legislative District 5, (Nurse Practitioner)

Matthew Miller, NY-County Commission / Board-LD 36, (Science Teacher)

Steven Englebright, NY-County Commission / Board-5, (Geologist)

Eve Meltzer Krief, NY-County Commission / Board-Suffolk County Legislature, District 18, (Pediatrician)

Ken Colón, NY-Mayor-Town of Islip Supervisor, (Neuroscience Degree)

Michael Myer, NY-City Council-At-large, North Greenbush Supervisor, (Energy Consultant)

Hadassah Mativetsky, NY-City Council-District 5 Binghamton City Council, (Manufacturing and Quality Engineer)

Monica Ferguson, NY-City Council-Ward 1, Clarkstown Town Council, (Software Developer)

Darren Hallman, NY-City Council-District 4, Rensselaer County – North Greenbush Town Board, (Mechanical Engineer)

Naveen Havannavar, NY-City Council-Pittsford, (Information Technologist)

Eve Shippens, NY-City Council-Buffalo North District Common Council, (Biology Degree)

John Deer, NY-Other-Town of Manlius Supervisor, (Computer Science Degree)


Troy Markham, OH-City Council-Bexley, (Plant Biologist)

Melody N. Mayle, OH-City Council-Golf Manor Village Council, (Other)

Patricia Goetz, OH-City Council-Hudson City Council, (Medical Doctor)

Michael Bird, OH-City Council-Hudson City Council Ward 4, (Pediatrician)

Jason Bracken, OH-City Council-Oxford City Council, (Biologist)

Brian Dembinski, OH-City Council-Ward 1, (Computer Engineer)

Monica Wilson, OH-City Council-Parma City Council Ward 1, (Chemical Engineer)

Mary Gutman, OH-City Council-Ward 4 Member, (Nurse)

Sumia Mohamed, OH-School Board-Upper Arlington Board of Education, Ohio, (Environmental Scientist )

Stephanie Abramowitz, OH-School Board-Solon City School Board of Education, (Physician)

Tracey Edwards, OH-Other-Fiscal Officer, Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, (Mechanical Engineer)

Nabila Babar, OH-Deerfield Twp Trustee, (Physician)


Erica Brusselars, PA-County Treasurer-Allegheny County Treasurer, (Actuary)

Alice Yoder, PA-County Commission / Board-Lancaster County Commissioner, (Registered Nurse)

Monica Taylor, PA-County Commission / Board-Delaware County Council, (Clinical Exercise Physiologist)

Dan Grzybek, PA-County Commission / Board-Allegheny County Council, District 5, (Engineer)

Zig Herzog, PA-Mayor-Guilford Twp Supervisor, (Mechanical Engineer)

Robert Johnson, PA-City Council-East Hempfield Township, (Computer Systems Analyst)

Julie Gosse, PA-City Council-Tredyffrin Township Supervisor, (Neuroscience Degree)

Kelly Stevens, PA-City Council-Upper Providence Township Supervisor, (Pharmaceutical Scientist)

Jordan Botta, PA-City Council-Pittsburgh City Council, District 7, (Geoscientist)

Nina Ahmad, PA-City Council-Philadelphia (At-Large), (Molecular Biologist)

Kaleb Best, PA-School Board-Hempfield School District, (Electrical Engineer)

Joshua Cysyk, PA-School Board-Derry Township School Board, (Biomedical Engineer)

Stewart McCarver, PA-School Board-Derry Township School District, (Physician)

Gary Bevilacqua, PA-School Board-West Chester Area School District, (Mechanical Engineer)

Rashi Akki, PA-School Board-School Board for Unionville-Chadds Ford School District, (Chemical Engineer)

Lisa Whitenack, PA-School Board-Crawford Central School Board, (Biology Professor)

Chuck Dennie, PA-Other-Bethel Township Supervisor, (Electrical Engineer)

Stephanie DerOhannessian, PA-Other-Bethel Township Supervisor, (Research Manager)

Melissa Sasso, PA-Other-East Hempfield Township Auditor , (Physician)

K.S. Bhaskar, PA-Other-Tredyffrin Township Supervisor, District 3 (West), (Computer Scientist)

Patrick Creighton, PA-Other-Franklin County Coroner, (Animal Science Degree)

Cathy Dress, PA-Bensalem School District, (Environmental Scientist)

Dana Foley, PA-Central Bucks School District, (Nurse Practitioner)

Deborah King, PA-Bensalem School Board District, (Nurse)

South Carolina

Dorothy Dowe, SC-City Council-Greenville City Council, member At-Large, (Mechanical Engineer)


Robert Coop, TN-HD-45, (Machine Learning Engineer)

Russ Bradford, TN-City Council-13, (Wildlife Biology Degree)

Stephanie Morales, TX-HD-138, (Biology Degree)


Kiran Rao, TX-County Commission / Board-Fort Bend County, Precinct 3, (Former Science Teacher)

Casey Curry, TX-City Council-Houston City Council At-Large Position 3, (Meteorologist And Atmospheric Scientist)

Mario Castillo, TX-City Council-District H, (Public Health Degree)


Erin Mendenhall, UT-Mayor-Salt Lake City, Utah, (Other)

Marni l LeFevre, UT-City Council-1, (Science Teacher)

Sophia Hawes-Tingey, UT-City Council-At Large, (Software Engineer)


Michael Feggans, VA-HD-97, (Cybersecurity Expert)

Paul Berry, VA-HD-7, (Mathematics Degree)

Marty Martinez, VA-HD-29, (Software Engineer)

Bonita Anthony, VA-HD-92, (Electrical Engineer)

Susanna Gibson, VA-HD-57, (Nurse Practitioner)

Amy Laufer, VA-HD-55, (Geology Degree)

Stephen Rast, VA-County Commission / Board-Henrico County Board of Supervisor, (Civil & Environmental Engineer)

Albert Vega, VA-County Commission / Board-Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Springfield District, (Electrical Engineer)

Julia Biggins, VA-School Board-Prince William County School Board, (Infectious Disease Scientist)


Dave Somers, WA-County Executive-Snohomish County, (Fisheries Biologist)

Megan Dunn, WA-County Commission / Board-District 2, (Biology Degree)

Todd Curtis, WA-County Commission / Board-Port of Seattle, (Aerospace Systems Engineer)

Angela Birney, WA-Mayor-Mayor of Redmond, (Science Teacher)

Mo Malakoutian, WA-City Council-Bellevue City Council, Position 3, (Structural Engineer)

Peter Kwon, WA-City Council-At-Large, (Systems Engineer)

Janice Zahn, WA-City Council-City of Bellevue, (Civil Engineer)

Victoria Hunt, WA-City Council-Issaquah City Council Sat 6, (Ecologist)

Jon Culver, WA-City Council-Kenmore, (Computer Information Systems Degree)

Amy Falcone, WA-City Council-Kirkland City Council Position 6, (Research Scientist)

Shobhit Agarwal, WA-City Council-Seattle City Council District 3, (Computer Engineer)

Osman Salahuddin, WA-City Council-Redmond City Council, Position 7, (Neuroscience Degree)


Lydia Spottswood, WI-Mayor-City of Kenosha, (Nurse)

Satya Rhodes-Conway, WI-Mayor-Madison, (Ecologist)

Noah Lieberman, WI-City Council-Madison City Council, District 14, (Data Scientist)

Julia Matthews, WI-City Council-Madison City Council, District 12, (Clinical Researcher)