Our Impact


Since our founding in 2016, 314 Action has been the only organization focused on recruiting, training, and electing Democratic scientists to office. Our team has proudly supported more than 500+ candidates with a science background, delivering indispensable victories for our pro-science movement. 

With the help of our millions-strong network, we have consistently punched above our weight to become a trusted, difference-making force in Democratic politics across the country.

  • We are a grassroots organization powered by an average donation of just $19 and supported by 431,000 individual donors.
  • In total, our team directed more than $8.6 million to pro-science Democrats and helped elect over 400 endorsed candidates since our founding. This includes 4 U.S. Senators, 13 members of the U.S. House, 9 candidates for down-ballot statewide offices, and over 300 candidates at the state and municipal level.
  • In the 2022 cycle, nearly 70% of 314 Action candidates won their elections, including 71 non-incumbents. Three quarters of our winning candidates identify as women, people of color, or LGBTQ+. At the state-level specifically, our scientists were key to helping Democrats flip the Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania State Houses and defend vulnerable majorities in other states like Nevada in Colorado.

Read on for more information related to our past work in the nation’s most competitive races, and see our endorsed candidates for this cycle here.

“I am so proud to be endorsed by 314 Action. As a nurse, I know the importance of bringing a science and data driven approach to the work of uplifting our communities, and I look forward to continuing to serve the people of IL-14.”
Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Nurse and Health Policy Expert
“I’m honored to earn the endorsement of 314 Action, an organization that supports people with backgrounds in science who run for office. 314 Action knows that evidence-based decision making matters, whether we’re talking about healthcare policy, immigration, or which investments have the most positive impact on our constituents. That’s why they support scientists like me – we follow the evidence. ”
— Rep. Kim Schrier (WA-08), Pediatrician
“I am proud to have the endorsement of 314 Action Fund… As a former public school science teacher, I know how important it is to listen to facts and evidence when making decisions about the future of our state. From investing in our public schools to protecting access to healthcare, I’m focused on building a better and brighter future for all Wisconsinites.”
Gov. Tony Evers (WI), Science Educator


Eric Sorensen was an on-air meteorologist and a trusted community leader in Illinois for 20 years before considering a run for Congress in 2022. 314 Action knew that Eric’s expertise would make him an impactful climate leader if elected. We also knew IL-17 would be one of the most important toss-up seats for Democrats to hold in our effort to minimize GOP gains – the district was split roughly 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats and became an open seat following the retirement of Rep. Cheri Bustos.

Beginning in August 2021, we worked closely with Eric and his staff to build a winning campaign and to help get them on TV four weeks earlier than any of their primary opponents, building Eric’s name ID and setting him apart from the pack. Finally, 314 Action Fund provided over $615,000 in TV advertising, enabling Eric to introduce himself to nearly all corners of the district and gain the edge he needed to win the primary.

With two months to go until the general election, polls showed Eric tied 46-46 with his opponent. Once again, the 314 team worked with the campaign to carefully budget and get him on TV earlier than originally projected. While MAGA Republicans responded with personal attacks and attempts to twist Eric’s environmental record, 314 Action Fund launched a investment at a strategic moment: a general election TV ad buy of $700,000

Early backing. Strategic support. Sustained investment in engaging voters. 314 showed up strategically and consistently alongside a trusted climate champion during a critical election year. The result? Eric became Illinois’s first LGBTQ+ member of Congress, winning on Election Day by 3 points.

“Scientists and those with a STEM background who serve in Congress have the unique ability to help their constituents understand how their government can work for them. I am proud to be working closely with 314 Action, an excellent group that supports STEM candidates up and down the ballot. Their support was crucial in my election last year and will be very important this cycle as I continue working for the people of central and northwest Illinois.”
Rep. Eric Sorensen (IL-17), Meteorologist


Just a short four years after our founding, 314 has made a significant impact in critical battleground states like Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada where scientists have flipped red Senate seats blue. 

Specifically in Arizona, 314 Action realized that former astronaut, veteran, and gun safety advocate Mark Kelly would be a formidable candidate to flip Arizona’s Senate seat blue. 314 Action launched a six-figure digital “Draft Mark Kelly” campaign designed to help Kelly garner the grassroots support necessary for a strong launch. Through our efforts, we were able to identify and put the campaign in touch with over 150,000 grassroots supporters and became the first national organization to endorse his candidacy.

Supporters like you helped us invest more than $3 million for Sen. Mark Kelly’s campaign in 2020 and 2022. Our strategic support and investment, made possible by science-minded 314 Action supporters all around the country, helped Senator Kelly notch one of the most critical Senate wins in recent years — playing a crucial role to deliver a Senate majority to President Biden.

“I think it starts with finding people who are going to serve, and that’s what 314 Action does. They want to support candidates that, first, fundamentally believe in science… I think often what we find is that the people we elect are making decisions based on politics and partisanship, and not really looking at the underlying reasons.”
Sen. Mark Kelly (AZ), Astronaut, Engineer

Our country will need more critical wins like these – Republicans are just six seats shy of having full control of the Senate and House in 2024. 

To maximize our federal, state, and local impact when it matters most, the 314 Action team is focused on providing campaign services and resources in the most consequential districts, helping candidates run strong campaigns from the initial launch date through Election Day. 

With your help, we can make sure our country has the science-focused leadership to tackle the climate crisis, restore abortion rights, secure health access for everyone, and more.