Run For Office

Since its founding, 314 Action Fund has recruited and elected a historic number of scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals to Congress thanks to millions of grassroots supporters from every part of the country.

Now, we’re preparing for the challenge of the 2022 cycle — and we need scientists and STEM professionals like you to run for elected office.

  • Voters not only trust STEM professionals to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, they are more trusted than any other profession to handle the greatest issues facing the U.S. right now.
  • Two-thirds of voters say it is very important for elected officials to have an understanding of science as the nation confronts this pandemic.

Our goals are ambitious. We’re going all out to raise nearly double what we brought in during 2020 to invest in races up and down the ballot.

At the heart of all our efforts are dedicated STEM professionals who want to make a difference. Whether it’s running for Congress, state legislature, county council, or local school board, we must build our bench by electing more scientists in 2022.

Running for office means making a commitment. There’s no guarantee of victory. The race will be draining and tough. The good news is 314 Action will be standing with you all the way.