Endorsed Candidates

US Senate, Governors & Statewides

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve helped flip five Senate seats from red to blue, from Nevada to Colorado. That groundwork was critical to securing our razor-thin Democratic Senate majority in 2022 — staving off the GOP’s efforts to take back Congress, and enabling Democrats to hold the line against Republicans’ anti-science agenda. 

The current 51-49 split is one of the thinnest Democratic Senate majorities in recent history. So in 2024, we need to not only defend crucial battleground seats like Senator Jacky Rosen’s in Nevada and Senator Tammy Baldwin’s in Wisconsin — but also expand our majority. Learn more today about how you can help re-elect our incredible scientists in the Senate and add to their ranks, driving science-based progress on the biggest issues facing our country.

Other Statewide Candidates

Dave Upthegrove (Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands)