Tammy Baldwin

Background in Mathematics


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Tammy Baldwin, who has a background in mathematics and was a champion for working families and science in the Wisconsin State Legislature, made history in 1999 to become the first out LGBTQ+ woman elected to the House. Then, in 2012 in a landmark Senate race, Tammy Baldwin become Wisconsin’s first woman senator and the country’s first openly LGBTQ+ Senator. Since then, Tammy has been a fearless champion on a range of issues from protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions, defending Medicaid and Medicare, spearheading new benefits for Veterans, addressing gun violence, making college and technical programs more accessible and affordable, and protecting civil rights.

Last year, Baldwin gained national attention for helping spearhead a bipartisan bill protecting the rights of same-sex marriage, which passed in November, after the Supreme Court and Republicans across the nation expressed interest in targeting same-sex marriage.

Last November, Republicans won Wisconsin’s Senate race by a razor-thin margin of just 1% and Mitch McConnell has already designated defeating Tammy as a top priority as he tries to flip control of the Senate. Tammy will need all of us with her if she’s going to win this pivotal race, particularly during a Presidential election year.