September 17, 2021

314 Action, a political action committee that helps elect scientists, announced Friday they would be launching a campaign to expose Gov. Greg Abbott’s anti-choice donors. 

The multimillion-dollar effort will target three of Abbott’s donors; Susan Gurney and Denise Stover of New York, and Leora Levy of Connecticut. 

The campaign will focus on how these three individuals helped elect Abbott, who consequently passed an anti-abortion law this past special session that bans abortion after just six weeks of pregnancy.

“A lot of times these donors live in the dark,” said 314 Action Executive Director Joshua Morrow. “They’re never held accountable for the hundreds of thousands of dollars of contributions they give to these governors.”

The online and social media ads will be location-targeted to where donors live.

Morrow said ensures the next cocktail party attended by donors will have lots of interesting conversations since their neighbors, doorman, and local businesses know of their anti-woman politics. 

The group ran a similar effort earlier this year against the donors of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his handling of Covid-19.

“Honestly, it pissed the donors off,” Morrow said of why 314 Action is continuing with the strategy. “Now we have something that is breaking through. We could run TV ads shaming DeSantis, but when we shame donors, the donor thinks twice before they give another $2.5 million.”

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