3.14 Action

Local Candidates

Endorsement Application 2021-22

314 Action plans to get involved in numerous races up and down the ticket across the nation. From school board to city council and the biggest US Senate races, our network of over 5 million STEM advocates is looking for the most promising candidates to support at all levels.

Local candidates, please complete this below application to be considered for an official endorsement by 314 Action. If you are running for state or federal office, please fill out our state/federal candidate endorsement application.

Only fill out this form if you have decided to run and have officially launched your campaign. If you are unsure about running for office, still considering your options, or would like to learn more about running for office please fill out our Want to Run? form and we will be in touch.

Please note that all information on this form will be used for internal purposes only and will be held strictly confidential.