Yadira Caraveo



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Dr. Yadira Careveo is a pediatrician who has served in the Colorado General Assembly since 2019, making pro-science policy issues the hallmark of her legislative work. She is in the race to represent Colorado’s recently drawn eighth congressional district, CO-08, a nearly forty-percent Hispanic district, and if elected, Dr. Caraveo would be the first Latina to represent Colorado in the U.S. House and the only physician in the Colorado delegation.

The race for CO-08, which has been deemed a “toss-up” by election analysts, is expected to be highly competitive. Had the district been drawn in time for the 2020 election, President Joe Biden would have carried the district by four percent.

Dr. Yadira Caraveo is a pediatrician, state representative, and daughter of immigrants. Dr. Caraveo’s parents raised her and her siblings on her father’s construction worker’s salary in Adams County. In the legislature, Dr. Caraveo has delivered for working Coloradans by standing up to the biggest corporate bullies and entrenched special interests. 

Now, Dr. Caraveo is running for Congress to stand up for hard-working families she sees falling through the cracks. Dr. Caraveo would be the first Latina to represent Colorado in Congress and the only physician in Colorado’s congressional delegation. With your help, we can make history and win this incredibly competitive district!